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Biotech Emporium is a provider of pelleting technology solutions since 2002. We are different from the typical pellet equipment manufacturer/dealer in that our main focus is on providing our clients with the necessary technical training and backup services that is required to operate a profitable pellet processing business.

In today’s very overcrowded pellet equipment market there are literally hundreds of pellet equipment manufacturers/dealers and one would expect to find that the people who buy pelleting equipment form them would be well trained and equipped to get the most out of their new equipment.

Unfortunately, what the reality is, is that up to 60% of these new pellet plant owners never make it through their first 3 years of business due to a total lack of training and technical backup services. Anyone can build a pellet mill or a pellet plant for that matter and what we find in the market proves just that, machines are being built and sold by people who are totally ignorant about the actual pelleting process and thus they cannot provide their clients with the technical services required to make those machines perform at their peak.

If you are a pellet mill owner, do you understand roller nip, do you understand retention times, do you understand energy transfer, do you understand die ring throughput properties? These are just a few of the very-very basic things you should know or else you will never be able to utilize your machine to its fullest potential.

Biotech Emporium’s consultants will provide you with all the knowledge you need and equip you with all the tools you need to get the most out of your factory.

Our die rings and rollers are manufactured to the highest European standards and comes ready to run. Unlike most we do all the work of running in your die before we ship it out to you, after all, you are the client so why should you run in your own die ring? We also provide new and used machines and spare parts and our 5-hectare pellet equipment salvage yard is the only of its kind in Africa.

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