Biotech Emporium is a unique company with the ability to design, manufacture and supply each and every machine in the feed pelleting line. With an in-­depth knowledge of each key process, we can supply a compatible and homogeneous solution, from raw material intake to finished feed bulk loading.

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New Pellet Equipment:

Biotech Emporium offers quality new pellet equipment form various well established and proven manufacturers from all over the world to the market. As with everything we sell, we offer our clients a full after sales service on any machine or item they buy through us.

Refurbished equipment:

Biotech Emporium through our Dutch partner, Dutch Milling Technologies, offers high quality refurbished European pelleting equipment to the African market.

Due to the fact that Holland is one of the most advanced countries as far as pellet technology goes with the highest concentration of highly skilled technicians in this industry, most of the machines we sell are refurbished in Holland to the strictest European standards.

The quality of these refurbished machines are so high that they come with the same guarantees as a new machine and they also look and function like a new machine. Due to the quality of these machines they can also be financed through most major financing institutions just like you would finance a brand new machine.

Used Equipment:

Biotech Emporium buys, sells and trades in used pellet equipment.  So wether you are looking to sell your old equipment or if you are looking for good quality used equipment you have come to the right place.

Why do we say we also “trade” in used equipment?  Since it is not always possible to buy in each and every piece of equipment that comes onto the market we developed a process whereby we will sell your redundant equipment directly to our buyers, thus acting as agents for your equipment.

The process is very simple; you sign a mandate that appoints us as agents to sell your equipment for a price and time frame that is agreed upon on the contract.  When a buyer likes what we have to offer and decides to purchase we will pay out the sum owed to you as stated upon the contract at which time the ownership of the equipment transfers to Biotech Emporium. The buyer and the seller will thus never have to deal with each other directly since Biotech Emporium takes all of that responsibility onto itself.

Now you may think that as a seller we will give you as little as we can and as buyer we will charge as much as we can. Most other companies may do that but we believe in fare trade and the simple principal of live and let live, so:

What is the real market value of a piece of used pellet equipment?

Buying, selling, financing or insuring used pellet equipment can be a real gamble if you don’t know what it’s real value is.

The motor trade has been using “book values” for many-many years but in the used pellet equipment trade it used to be a question of sucking a price out of your thumb and hoping for the best.

Just like the book value calculators you find in the motor car industry Biotech Emporium developed a book value calculator for the pellet industry that is based on market trending, depreciation value, equipment condition and many other factors. Our calculator will thus provide both Trade and Retail values for any piece of pellet production equipment.

This enables us to offer the seller a realistic trade value on the equipment you wants to sell, while the buyer pays a realistic retail value for the equipment he buys ensuring a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Since its introduction in 2009 we have done thousands of equipment valuations for people and companies ranging from private machine owners to insurance brokers and even major banks who needed realistic valuations on used equipment.