Die rings & Rollers

Given our history of pellet process design and development, it is no mystery that our dies and rollers are some of the best in the world. Over the years we have improved and invested heavily in enhancing our dies and rollers. Our research in metallurgy, roller patterns, die design properties and process development have proven so successful that clients from all over the world contact us to look at their processes and design dies and rollers for them that will improve production and reduce maintenance costs.

Roller shell stock

We are also one of the very few die ring and roller suppliers who keep stock of custom dies and rollers for our loyal clients, thereby reducing spare part lead times from many weeks to less than 24hours.

Pellet dies must resist abrasion, corrosion from chemical exposure and breakage caused by the physical stresses of pellet formation. They must also offer high throughput to maximize production. The optimum die combines high resistance to abrasion breakage and corrosion with maximum productivity. Biotech Emporium has perfected the die design that allows us to offer the highest quality pellet die for your process application.

Whatever the application may be, be it feed, wood, plastic, coffee, tea or however complex it could be, you can trust Biotech Emporium to provide you with the best die and roller combination for your needs. Our expertise enables us to precisely match the die specification to your process requirement.

We offer dies of different materials to cater to your different applications, unlike the one material -one design fits all idea of most suppliers.
Due to our in house design we offer more shapes and more sizes than any other supplier. We supply dies for any make of machine, no matter how uncommon your machine may be.

Rollers being rebuilt

You may also want to try our roller exchange program. With this program you simply send your old used rollers to us and we will rebuild them to the latest specification ensuring that your machine will always perform at it’s peak performance in line with new developments in the industry. Our roller exchange program provides you with piece of mind and large cost savings in the long run.

Our roller shells also come in different materials to cater to your different applications. Even more noteworthy is the fact that we offer no less than 11 roller pattern designs so you can be assured that you will get the best traction from our shells with the least wear on your dies.

Why not contact us today to find out how we can help you get your roller and die maintenance costs within or under the industry standard of 25% while pushing up your production figures.