About us

Today’s demanding requirements for cost­-effective, quality, and high-­performance feeds make it obvious that producing quality feeds requires a high level of specialized processing technology.

Biotech Emporium is a unique company with the ability to design, manufacture and supply each and every machine in the feed pelleting line. With an in-­depth knowledge of each key process, we can supply a compatible and homogeneous solution, from raw material intake to finished feed bulk loading.

We are strongly committed to excellent performance and quality of our products and to being a strong partner for our customers. We have delivered products and plant solutions since the 2002 and have gained extensive knowledge and insight into the demands of the specific feed and biofuel markets.

Our focus is on innovation and keeping up with new technological developments. We always strive to provide our customers with the newest technologies that will ensure better and more efficient production, minimizing operation costs, maximizing energy efficiency and environmental protection, and giving our customers a competitive advantage.

Over the years, Biotech Emporium has seen positive business development and growth across the African continent, and we are continually strengthening our capabilities and services to our customers.

Divisional headquarters, sales and service:

The office located near De Rust in the Southern Cape of South Africa serves as our divisional headquarters and central administration offices. The office has a long history in the feed and biofuel industries. Over the years, there have been several mergers and developments in order to strengthen the company’s capabilities and offerings. The company has changed from being a traditional local manufacturer to becoming a part of a global business group and is now a global market leader it its industries.

Dutch Milling Technologies – DMT International: www.dmt-int.com

Biotech Emporium is proud to be the African agent for DMT International. With a combination of new and completely refurbished machinery, DMT International’s main objective is to deliver a sustainable footprint in the global animal feed and biomass industry. The craftsmanship of our service engineers together with an entrepreneurial approach towards the ever changing demands of our customers secures the high level of quality of our services, projects and machinery.

Through this partnership we are able to deliver the highest quality European equipment at affordable prices to our clients throughout Africa.

Wuxi Huamu Machinery Co., Ltd:

Biotech Emporium is proud to be the African agent for Wuxi Huamu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Huamu Machinery supply quality equipment at affordable prices that are suitable for small to medium pelleting operations.

Wuxi Huamu believes in the idea of the customer comes first. Common development provides high quality products and considerate service for the feed industry. In the common development strategy, Wuxi Huamu cooperates with Wuxi Tai lake grain machinery co.,ltd, collects profession outstanding persons, and actively carries on technical cooperation with many graduate schools and colleges, produces a series of high standard products: Link mold pelletizer, waterdrop pulverizer, double axles paddle blade mixer, rotor drum mixer, and premix material additive complete unit, pellet animal and poultry feed, aquatic product material complete unit and so on.